Up Close & Personal With Junior Mmotla from MAMAGASEHOME

Why did you apply for Threads?

Considering the opportunity for the winner, it was a no-brainer for me to apply. Any chance to pick up information and knowledge I can implement to my hustle is a “Go!” for me. Adding to this, each time a friend came across information about the competition, I would get a text asking if I knew about it.


What has inspired you to start your brand/business?

Knowing who I am, my interests, my needs and  what I’m most passionate about. Asking myself what I would like to do with my life every single day. I came to the conclusion that the conventional route wasn’t for me. I need to get my ideas out into the world through fashion and other mediums. It’s a lot of work building a clothing brand, but I’d be exhausted doing anything else.


Tell us more about your brand

MAMAGASEHOME” is a  South African clothing brand producing clothing with a Streetwear aesthetic. “MAMAGASE”, meaning  ”STRONG BEAM OF LIGHT”. It was created to focus/direct the world towards a South African (“HOME”) interpretation of current style, detail and design.


What is the greatest challenge you faced so far as fashion entrepreneurs in South Africa?

Access to resources and facilities have been the biggest obstacle. I feel they are more accessible to either members of other industries or those with ‘huge banks’. One has to be very creative in finding solutions. You have to figure out how to do 90 things. All with the minimum and yet still be consistent.


What is your favourite side of doing business in the fashion industry?

Meeting new interesting like minded individuals. Alongside the end result of it all. When I see someone wearing a piece from the clothing brand and owning it. Telling me how much they vibe with it. It’s is a feeling that will never get old.  


Tell me about an accomplishment you are the proudest of.

There are many milestones I can pick from. But I am the proudest of MAMAGASEHOME, now starting to become a noticeable brand and gaining recognition.  It’s assuring me that I’m building something way bigger than I can imagine. It can only get better.


What trends do you currently see in the fashion industry, in SA and abroad?

Most of us still see anything International as superior. Whereas I feel it doesn’t mean it’s better simply because it’s European. If you pay attention, currently, we influence a lot of what’s created and sold back to us.



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